How To DIY Chicken Jerky Dog Treats That Your Pup Will Absolutely Love

One thing I was never big on was buying Maddox dog treats. A lot them you see at the pet store or even TJ Maxx just seem a little TOO overdone with weird ingredients.

I am not a dog mom who is like “no, my dog only has whole foods that contain no additives or processed ingredients,” because, let’s face it, that is VERY hard to avoid, not to mention expensive.

Every now and then I would get him bully sticks or if I felt really boujee, a small bag of healthy treats that had only a meat and peanut butter in them.

Owning a pup is expensive and adding unnecessary purchases like treats was just not on my grocery list. Instead, I would make him treats that would last a while.

But this dog treat recipe is by far is favorite and was so easy to make.

What you will need

  • 1 chicken breast
  • Extra virgin olive oil

That’s it.


  • Freeze the chicken breast SLIGHTLY so that it is frozen, but not rock solid.
  • Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees
  • Cut the chicken into very, very thin strips
  • Work about a little less than a tablespoon of olive oil all over the chicken
  • Lay the strips on a cookie sheet (not sprayed)
  • Bake in the oven for 4-5 hours
  • Let your pup enjoy

See? Told you it was easy.


A few tips

  • Keep an eye on the chicken around hour 3 to make sure they are baking evenly and to get an idea of when you should check back.
  • If your strips are thicker, they will need probably closer to 5 hours in the oven.
  • Don’t start this recipe later at night unless you plan on staying up to take them out of the oven.
  • You want the chicken to be chewy like jerky, not crispy and not flimsy.
    • A few of my SUPER thin pieces came out crunchy, which is fine, but if you are going for the jerky sort of feel, try to slice your chicken as evenly as possible.
  • Slightly frozen chicken I found is a lot easier to slice through because A. my knife wasn’t super sharp and B. thawed chicken is floppy and disgusting.

There you have it! A 2-ingredient dog treat recipe that is much cheaper than buying bagged treats, assuming you probably have these two things on hand in your kitchen.

Hit me up if you have anything you want me to try out or if you have any questions on this recipe.

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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