I Spent $140 On Shein.com And Can Officially Admit I’m A Fan

Listen, guys. I needed to know, alright. I needed to understand the hype, experience the hype, and share the hype with my friends.

I splurged my personal budget on SHEIN and here we are.

Ordering process & delivery

If you are an OG Shein gal, you remember that like back in the day it was called sheinside.com, apparently they wanted to rebrand and just freakin’ cut off half their name I guess.

Back then, the site was very spammy. There were a million pop ups and the product photos looked fake and the whole site just SCREAMED you are going to spend $100 here and everything you buy is going to be delivered in 5 weeks and all of your items will look nothing like the photos.

But NOW, the site is cleaned up, you feel more secure whilst browsing, and you’re like OK sure, I’ll spend a few bucks here, how bad could it be?

My biggest issue I had when I was adding stuff to my cart was that there were SOOOOO many things to pick from. Like, SOOOO many. So I sat with items in my cart for a solid two days before I committed to that place order button because I was not tryna feel like I missed out.

So I placed my order on Tuesday Oct. 15 and it got here on Monday Oct. 21. That’s literally less time than it would take something from Forever 21 to be delivered.

I ordered stuff from shein back when it was called sheinside, and it took 3-4 weeks to be delivered so this is quite a large improvement, bravo, shein, bravo.

What I got & did I like it?

I ordered a total of nine items and ended up keeping 8/9, which is pretty damn impressive.

Neon Pink Drop Shoulder Cable Knit Sweater

Score: 8/10

Price: $17.00

Size ordered: L

I love this sweater, mainly because of the color and the cable knit vibes. It is super thin material though and 12/10 would not keep you warm. BUT it is super cute just for a nice lil’ hot pink sweater.

I will definitely not be washing it often because it’s going to shed like crazy and possibly fall apart, but who knows.

It fits nicely, but if I didn’t size up, it would have been too tight and the sleeves would have been way too short.

Metal Star Shaped Buckle Belt

Score: 9/10

Price: $3.40

Size: OS

OK so I really like the vibes this belt gives, like “oh she’s super basic, but aw cute belt,” you know what I mean?

I gave this belt a 9/10 because I got it for the star belt aesthetic, not to hold my pants up. I’m not a belt person, I literally do not own a single belt…until now, and it’s only because it’s cute.

I say this because, it will not I repeat, NOT, hold your pants up. There are no notches on the belt where the metal pin thing goes in to tighten them, it just kind of weaves in but it will come unweaved if you have a food baby and try to sit down, TRUST ME.

Also, I’m a size 6-8 in pants, and this is as tight as the belt goes around my waist (in high waisted jeans). So if your waist is a little bigger, this belt may not work because for some reason it is only made in one size and that size does not fit all.

Zip Up Pocket Patched Jacket With Push Buckle Belt

Score: 6/10

Price: $17.85

Size: M

Love this lil’ jacket. It’s super trendy and casual, and that’s my favorite thing about it.

The fit is fine, but just a tad irritating because the sleeves are a little short especially when I lift my arms, and the belt, like the star belt, is very small so it squeezes you a tad and again, does not stretch very far. UGH. But, it’s cute and basically fits, so whatever.

I got my normal size in this (medium) instead of sizing up and I kind of wish I sized up just for that extra room.

Snakeskin Print Chunky Heel Side Zipper Boots

Score: 9/10

Price: $22.95

Size: EUR 39 (8 US)

These cute little boots are probably my favorites out of this haul.

The pattern is super cute and the quality is pretty solid. This is super weird, but the zipper really makes the boot. It’s high quality and very sturdy.

I will say though, I have very narrow feet, and they fit perfectly, if your feet are pretty wide OR if you have a high instep, these boots may not fit you right, or at least feel comfortable.

But, if these seem like the right fit for you, they are pretty quality. For myself, I gave them a 9/10 because the sole of the boot is almost completely smooth, like there is nooo traction. You’ll be slippin’ around everywhere.

Knot Side Wrap Leather Skirt

Score: 7/10

Price: $14.45

Size: L

This skirt is super cute. Also, very comfortably and doesn’t make you sweaty like some faux leather.

I sized up in this skirt to a large and I wish I didn’t because the waist is a bit too big and it could fit a little snug in my butt and thighs area. You can kind of see in the picture how it gaps a little bit.

This one is going to be hard to wear because it’s too dressy for church, but also not dressy enough for a wedding, you know what I mean? But it was $15 so def worth keeping!

Rolled Neck and Cuff Waffle Knit Sweater

Score: 10/10

Price: $18.70

Size: M

I LOVE this sweater. Definitely one of my favorite things in this haul. It’s super comfortable and I love the color. This burnt brownish color is one of my fav fall colors and was pleasantly surprised when the color in the photo matched the sweater when I received it.

My only issue with the sweater is that there is a lot of material going on with the turtleneck situation. Folding it down once didn’t do enough so I had to do some tucking.

Each side has a tiny slit which, hi, adorable detail, and the sleeves are loose and cuffed at the wrist. Def recommend this sweater.

Patch Pocket Curved Hem Longline Shirt

Score: 8/10

Price: $14.45

Size: L

I really like this top. In this pic I have it tied up in a bow…not in a knot, a bow. My point is, there’s a lot of fabric because it is longlined and there are slits on both sides of the shirt so you can take the front portion of the slitted area and tie it in a bow so it isn’t too bulky with the fabric in the back, does that make sense?

The material is kind of linen-y but is very comfortable and wearable in a casual or more dressy fashion.

If I wear it untied, I would for sure throw a belt around it to elongate my torso and give me some shape.

Leopard Print Half Button Blouson Shirt Dress

Score: 2/10

Price: $16.15

Size: L

There is no photo for this dress. I looked awful in it.

The reason I gave it a two out of 10 is because the material was pretty quality and the print was super cute! But the fit was HORRIBLE.

In the photo on the website, the model looks super fun and trendy, but on me, I looked as though I made the dress myself blindfolded and then threw a string around the most unflattering area on my waist.

I did not keep this, and do not buy it.

Overall thoughts

I felt this haul was pretty successful. I bought nine things and am keeping eight of them!

If you’re thinking, “wait she only told us about eight things wtf,” that is because the last item is a lacy intimate item. I got it because I thought it would be cute with a blazer and some pants. However, you can see like nipple situation so until I get some material to put in there, I’m gonna keep that baby in the closet.

Shein.com has definitely upped their game since I ordered from them back in 2016. If you’re worried about how some things are going to fit or if they are going to be bad quality, I still say go for it and buy it. If it doesn’t fit, their return policy is easy enough that you can send it back and get your money back.

If you have any questions on anything I didn’t cover in this post, hit me up!

Also, let me know if there are other sketchy-ish sites you want me to try out and report back on!

Thanks for stopping by ā˜†


One thought on “I Spent $140 On Shein.com And Can Officially Admit I’m A Fan

  1. You got some super cute stuff! Shein has always intimidated me because I’m afraid of the sizing. I did get one bathing suit once and the sizing was all off. After seeing this, I’m considering trying again, though!


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